Letters to the Editor

Thinks Fleetwood will represent everyday people

I have known Seth Fleetwood and his family for the past 40 years. There are so many accusations that are flying around in this campaign that some accuracy may be a relief for responsible citizens.

All the years Fleetwood was on the County Council, I believe he worked to balance the budget without ever raising property taxes. Not an easy job. He lived in the 42nd district for most of his life. He did not move out of the 42nd District, the district line was moved two years ago. He now again lives in the 42nd District.

His commitment to educating our youth is almost hereditary since both of his parents were educators. So when the state legislators say they created a fix last session for education, it needs to be understood it was a short-term fix that denied teachers a cost of living increase to their salary for that year. Did our state legislators take a hit on their pay?

I believe the only way we can change our government to be more citizen-oriented is to vote people who care about community. I believe that would be Seth Fleetwood.

George Rofkar