Letters to the Editor

Says Ericksen is indebted to special interests

In your Thursday, Oct. 9, issue, two letter writers made what I believe are false claims about Seth Fleetwood. They claimed Fleetwood is supported by California money. “Seth Fleetwood is supported by political interests from California,” says one letter. “Don’t let Big California money buy this election,” says another.

They have it backward, as a Sept. 17, Bellingham Herald review of public disclosure records shows:

1. Fleetwood has received no money from California (confirmed by Fleetwood’s office) while Doug Ericksen has three California money ties.

2. Three-quarters of Fleetwood’s donations are from individuals, while “more than three-quarters of cash contributions to incumbent Sen. Ericksen are from corporations, special-interest groups, business or political action committees.”

The Herald article provided a map of out-of-state donors. Fleetwood, in blue dots, shows six, from Oregon, Montana, Florida and Hawaii, mostly small amounts from individuals. Ericksen has over 45 red dots spread all over the U.S., from New York City to California, including Texas, Ohio, and 12 other states, mostly large amounts from big corporations.

There are two native sons running for the 42nd District. Only one has managed to get himself politically indebted to over 45 out-of-state commercial interests. If you love this place and want to keep it intact for the next generation, please vote for Seth Fleetwood.

Rob Lewis