Letters to the Editor

Thinks class-size measure will cost too much

There is growing concern that I-1351 will cost billions (I believe it will) and solve little.

I believe the National Education Association, Washington Education Association and Service Employees International Union are putting multi-millions of dollars into the promotion of this initiative. I believe that if the initiative passes and Washington state is forced to hire additional employees, I believe it will take billions of additional tax revenue dollars just to pay for the additional public employees. I believe these figures do not reflect the capital expenditures to pay for the additional class spaces needed to achieve smaller class sizes.

Initiative 1351 has no funding mechanism to pay for the outcome of smaller class sizes and appears to give the greatest benefit to the unions ... not the teachers and definitely not the students.

Voters need to look over I-1351 and vote smart with our limited tax dollars. Children are our future and a successful education must be a priority ... that does not mean throwing money at a problem will solve it. It never has and never will.

Kris Halterman