Letters to the Editor

Supports I-591 to protect gun rights

Hello fellow patriotic Americans. My name is Walt DeKraai, World War II Navy Seabee veteran.

I would like to share a little bit our American history with you of our great United States of America. When the King of England, head of the mighty British empire in the eighteenth century decided to double the taxes on all products brought to the American colonies, it angered the people and they dumped British shiploads of tea into the Boston Harbor.

The king retaliated by sending many warships to block the Atlantic coast and thousands more British troops to take the swords, rifles and muskets from the American colonies’ people. The people rebelled and even the church ministers laid down their Bibles and picked up their swords, rifles and muskets to help defeat the British and give us our wonderful United States of America Constitution, the greatest in the world in our English language.

Now we have a group of greedy, corrupt politicians and their billionaire backers trying to destroy our language, history, culture and our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms, which millions of my fellow veterans have fought and died for. Whom do you trust? The voting ballots will be due soon and you don’t have to pick up your sword, rifle or musket. Just pick up your ballot and vote no on Initiative 594 and yes on Initiative 591

Walt DeKraai