Letters to the Editor

Criticizes Ericksen over birth-control access

Every day there seems to be another politician making it harder for women to have access to reproductive health care — especially women living below the poverty line. Doug Ericksen is no exception to this. He voted against the Take Charge program which provides affordable birth control to low-income women. As a woman, as a mother to a daughter and as a member of this community I will be voting for Seth Fleetwood in the 42nd District for state Senate.

Fleetwood believes in access to health care no matter what a person’s income level is. He believes in an individual’s right to decide what the right family planning method is for their own household. This is the kind of leadership we need to see more of for the sake of young women all over this country who’s options are continuing to diminish because someone else has an idea of what their health care should look like. In this election, Fleetwood is the best option for protecting everyone’s individual rights.

Ann Beck