Letters to the Editor

Supports Sidhu for his knowledge, commitment

Each time I have heard Satpal Sidhu speak or answer questions at a forum, I come away impressed with what I believe is the depth and breadth of his knowledge and experience and of his commitment to our country and community.

He deeply understands problems in education, energy, job creation, and governing but will not, as he has said, just kick the can down the road. He is ready to tackle problems and to find solutions that are smart and good for you and for me now and in the future.

His opponent’s experience centers in her experience as chairman of Whatcom County Republicans and her candidacy for state chairman, and in the talking point she has learned. At the tea party forum she delivered the words she had learned to describe the training she took so that she is ready to carry and use a gun.

Satpal’s simple, brave response was, “I don’t carry a gun. My family and I are safe. We live in America.”

That is the America I chose and do live in. We can talk of values or we can live them. That is what I experience as I live in the way of the kingdom of God and as I live here in Lynden in legislative District 42. And as I vote for people to represent and to lead me and all the people around me.

Alyce Werkema