Letters to the Editor

Thinks Van Werven will build consensus in Legislature

I believe that Luanne Van Werven is a hard-working woman of integrity and character who will deliver fair-minded results for residents of the 42nd District, and for Washington state as a whole. She has a flair for relating to people in all walks of life, which is key to representing the diverse population and belief systems at play in our communities. She is a planner, attentive to detail, and a quick study — important characteristics that will make her effective in the state Legislature, where having an open mind and a ready understanding of policy, local issues and trends are an asset.

She is far more prepared to represent us than is her opponent. When you ask for her take on the issues, you’re likely to get an educated answer — rather than vague, people-pleasing platitudes.

Yes, she has strong personal beliefs that help form the core of her character; but I believe that she is a reasonable person who can seek common ground and work collaboratively. She is compassionate and teachable, without being wishy-washy. I’m so pleased that she’s ready to take on this leadership responsibility, and I hope you will join me in voting for her.

Ramona Stumpf