Letters to the Editor

An Independent voter backs Fleetwood

On the day I received my ballot for the primary election in the mail, I also received two campaign ads for the 42nd District state Senate race. One was what I think was a lame attack on Seth Fleetwood with dark images and darker rhetoric and that smear campaign has gone downhill from there. Fleetwood’s ad was what looked like a series of positive images along with explanations of his stand on several key issues for the county and its residents. And there it is.

I have had occasion over the years to work with Fleetwood, and try to work with his opponent Doug Ericksen, who was unresponsive. My experiences with both have convinced me that Fleetwood is the candidate with the intellect, integrity and commitment to represent all the county’s citizens as we deal with crucial issues in the very near future. These are, of course, the character qualities that I believe his opponent is so desperately attacking. Although I didn’t always agree with Fleetwood on all issues when he was on the County Council, I at least knew he was operating with our interests at heart and not out of self-interest or self-promotion.

As a registered Independent, one very concerned about the future and the quality of life in our county, I urge you to vote that way: independently for Fleetwood.

John Purdy