Letters to the Editor

Backs amendment to overturn Citizens United

Of the many issues facing voters this election season, I believe that one issue underlies all of the others: the uncontrolled flood of money from corporations and other special interests into campaigns. All of our candidates spend well over 50 percent of their time raising campaign funds, time that should be spent governing. I believe that this problem has grown much worse since the Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United, which declared corporations are people and money is free speech.

Across the country, communities and states are deciding that the way to reclaim the power of our votes is an amendment to the U.S. Constitution overturning this Supreme Court decision. See United4thepeople.org for information on the state legislatures that have taken a stand against unlimited campaign contributions and for such a constitutional amendment.

If you believe that each vote should have equal influence on and representation by our elected officials, ask the candidates currently running for office: Would you vote for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that says that only human persons, not corporations, are people and that money is not speech? Ask them at candidate forums, by email, or on the telephone. And then vote for the candidates who will protect your vote. For more information on this issue see these websites: Mayday.US, Move To Amend, and WolfPAC.

Ellen Posel