Letters to the Editor

Takes offense at Sidhu comment

I recently watched a debate on YouTube for the 42nd District state representative race, and I must say I was appalled with Satpal Sidhu. His female opponent in the race spoke proudly of her dual role as a mother and partner in her family business. She also elaborated that has their company created hundreds of jobs in Whatcom County. Sidhu then what I believe was rudely snickered and claimed he was the only one who created jobs.

Does Sidhu not believe that women can play a role in a family business? Does he not believe that mothers can work too? As a working woman, this deeply offended me. I do not take kindly, nor should any other woman take kindly to any man who undermines the success of a woman, especially a mother who has a distinguished record as a job creator. Sidhu you have lost my vote, and women out there: I believe this man is not worthy of your vote either.

Krista Kirk