Letters to the Editor

Voting pro-life for Van Werven

I believe the anti-woman charge of Satpal Sidhu against Luanne Van Werven is ridiculous and outrageous and that the Democrats call a “war on women” is really a war on pro-life women and men who believe in the dignity and sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death. I believe that what they call reproductive freedom is having the freedom to choose to have sex anywhere, anytime with anyone with no responsibility for the consequences. And now with the Affordable Care Act, all taxpayers are forced to pay for what I believe are others’ abortifacient birth-control drugs and devices, abortions and sterilizations.

As a woman I find it highly degrading, insulting and deeply saddening to be reduced to my reproductive organs in the name of my so-called right to choose to kill my unborn fetus. I’m voting for Van Werven and all pro-life candidates who are truly pro-woman, pro-man and pro-child, born and unborn.

Kathy St.Hilaire