Letters to the Editor

Voting against Democrats over the death penalty

My daughter phoned me upset after she learned about Clark Richard Elmore of Bellingham, who murdered and mutilated his girlfriend’s daughter, Christy Anstad in 1995 when he learned that she was going to report him to the police for raping her. I had to tell my daughter that Elmore faces life in prison after Gov. Jay Inslee granted a moratorium to convicted murderers and I believe schemed a way to circumvent the state Legislature from allowing the sentences to be carried out; and that he left the voters out of the process.

My daughter and other daughters at Fairhaven Middle School lost their innocence, but carried on with the hope that justice would be certain. As parents we went over the outcomes of death penalty. We did not need Inslee then and do not now.

Only remedy I have is to vote Inslee and other Democrats out of office. It's tough for a lifelong Democrat to vote for Republicans, but my daughter has been waiting for justice. So you and your anti-death penalty colleagues need to go, not quietly into that good night as Elmore does, just go.

Doug Eagle