Letters to the Editor

Praises the conservative obstructionists

Every time I read an editorial or listen to someone describing the conservative elements of government as obstructionists, I wonder what that means. It seems that being opposed to what I believe are a leftist attack on pretty much all of traditional American values is somehow viewed as not be a team player, or something like that.

Our Constitution was designed to protect its citizens from power-grabbing government overreach, such as what I believe we see today. It seems to me our inching to the left is becoming an avalanche. Nothing seems sacred and everything is up for grabs. At the current rate, I don’t even know what America would look like in 10 years. Probably wouldn’t want to either.

So for me, and many other Americans, we are very thankful we have these “obstructionist” trying to rein in the absolute nonsense coming out of Washington, D.C., and Olympia these days.

Frank Chambers