Letters to the Editor

Urges drivers to be vigilant for deer

As a self-appointed spokesman for the Electric Avenue neighborhood, I want to thank Colacurcio Bros., the city of Bellingham, and their employees for the outstanding paving job recently completed on the south end of the street.

Drivers are enjoying the quiet, smooth ride and adjoining homeowners can now barely hear the traffic.

Anyone driving near Bloedel Donovan Park is cautioned to be on the lookout for the ubiquitous deer. Recently two of them fell victim to one of those 2,000-pound missiles that usually travel about 40 mph. Just Oct. 14 I witnessed a doe and her fawn transiting the street near the pedestrian crossing signs as if they somehow felt safer at that spot.

Bellingham is teeming with deer. An open season is hardly practicable but someone needs to find a solution to the problem to prevent the collisions with them and the consequent damage to vehicles.

Bob Hall