Letters to the Editor

Wants more living-wage jobs locally

There seems to be some kind of feeling that there are enough family-wage jobs in Whatcom County and that there is no need to be concerned with supporting industry to provide these jobs. I listened very carefully to a recent radio show where they were advertising an annual food drive and that their goal was for 300,000 pounds of food or the cash equivalent. They went on to say that currently there are between 1 in 6 and 1 in 5 families who use the program. Stop and think how many families this is. Not just the number, but in terms as may relate to your neighborhood or your particular living community.

I believe that the majority of these people are desperately in need of these services while others are able to supplement their current incomes to make their lifestyle better. I would also believe that in almost all cases these people would choose not to have to line up for food donations. I notice that the Bellingham Food Bank seems to be expanding its building. Does our county anticipate growing numbers of people using the food back services?

Please support the Gateway Pacific Terminal and any other such industry that chooses to take the opportunity to locate here. I believe we chased the family-wage jobs from Georgia Pacific away and have been fooling ourselves ever since that we can support ourselves without high-paying industrial wage jobs.

Greg Brown