Letters to the Editor

Opposes city’s use of Federal Building

Does the city of Bellingham need to move to the Federal Building? It is a beautiful building, but how many do they need? Recently remodeling others, have they proved the need to spend $3.2 million or $2.2 million more than what was originally planned? The city council/government makes decisions, why not make one for the public and do something lasting that has benefits for all. If the city of Bellingham is willing to reduce spending a little, we could use this great building for the community. There is an immense pool of intelligence and willingness to get involved when people know it is for the greater good and benefits them directly. A place where people are not limited by government, youth or old age but are respected and listened to; the people that could contribute the wealth of knowledge for progress and wisdom to deal with growth, education, transportation, immigration, trade as well as the environmental issues that help keep us healthy, safe and prosperous. America has its own culture and history, we do not need to be like everyone else. We are not afraid to fail, try new things, even what others think is impossible or has never been done before. We thrive on achievement and those things that make this world a better place. With the coming future we need a place where everyone has an opportunity to put their two cents in, this unique federal building would be a great place to do that.

Rich Berry