Letters to the Editor

Offers levity on Columbus Day controversy

Maybe a politic, and even polite, way of resolving the Columbus Day vs. Native Peoples Day controversy/competition is to call the-day-formally-known-as-Columbus, Discovery Day? That way we could honor all the various peoples/beings who discovered the Western Hemisphere. This would inclusively recognize the First Nation folks from Asia, possibly the neolithic or even paleolithic Europeans who might have made it here, Kennewick man’s people, the Vikings and possibly the Polynesians and even Chinese. In addition, since this is Bellingham/Whatcom County we should include the Sasquatches (who are also primates from Africa as are we homo sapiens). Finally, to appease some of those with alternate views and so that we could not be accused of being politically incorrect and “Earth-o-centric” Discovery Day would recognize the aliens who may have discovered Earth. Humorously submitted.

Gerald Beroldi