Letters to the Editor

See stark differences between VanWernen, Sidhu

Let’s compare the two candidates running for the 42nd legislative district position in Whatcom County.

LuAnn VanWernen’s website states she grew up in Whatcom County, is a college graduate, a youth advisory committee participant, a “voice for women, an advocate for farmers and for conservative values.” She hopes to scale back the authority that state agencies have in agriculture. She was vice-chair of the state Republican Party and chair of Whatcom County Republican Party.

Satpal Sidhu has three graduate degrees and is a Fulbright scholar. As a former dean of Bellingham Technical College, he created alliances with four local oil refineries starting a new degree program, resulting in hundreds of jobs for students. He has a unique prospective of our community having served on many local boards and committees. Sidhu has managed multimillion-dollar budgets and is a small business owner along with having 40 years in international business. He states that his decisions are based on using a long-term perspective. His focus is in education and job creation.

The comparison between the two candidates is stark. We have a unique opportunity to have a well-qualified person represent our county. I think we would be foolish not to allow Satpal Sidhu the chance to work in Olympia.

Naomi Murphy