Letters to the Editor

Says voters should send Fleetwood, Monjure and Sidhu to Olympia

At the Oct. 1 tea party forum I observed the following:

It seemed that the incumbents resorted to hearsay, scare tactics and tired old talking points. For instance, when Luanne VanWerven was asked about corporations having constitutional rights of persons she said, “I am a business.” If she is a “business” is she also a person? Does that give her double voting privilege? Satpal Sidhu indicated he does not believe corporations are persons.

I think Doug Ericksen used similar trite stereotypes and scare tactics. He bickers over terminology. Seth Fleetwood suggested that we “review” the 650 tax loopholes to find outdated and no longer relevant ones. Ericksen said it would cost Whatcom County jobs. Seriously? Are even a few of those loopholes unnecessary and will not cost jobs? Fleetwood clearly says it needs “review.” That means hard work. I think the easy way out is to be taken to lunch and agree to the terms of the lobbyist.

Vincent Buys believes he will lose opportunities to speak to constituents if he pays his own way. I just didn’t get that story. Joy Monjure indicated she is willing to pay for her meals.

We need an honest, robust, efficient and hard-working government to create a transportation package that will increase jobs and pass a budget that supports our schools, just for starters. We need Seth Fleetwood, Joy Monjure and Satpal Sidhu to work for us in Olympia this fall. Please vote.

Ronna Loerch