Letters to the Editor

Thinks Sidhu is the extremist

As someone who votes for the person not the party, I take a great deal of time looking up information on candidates. For the 42nd District state representative race, I believe I have seen repeatedly that Democrat Satpal Sidhu has called his opponent Republican Luanne Van Werven a “right-wing extremist.” Sidhu’s statement is contrary to my findings. Van Werven supports prioritizing funds for education and balancing the budget without raising taxes. Additionally, she has a clear track record of working with Democrats as a citizen legislator in Olympia, particularly on Indian tribal matters and voting rights. What is extreme about that?

I suppose everything is relative. I recently listened to their debate on the radio andSidhu stated he fully supports universal health care (which is two steps to the left of Obamacare), seems supportive of Gov. Jay Inslee’s low carbon fuel standard which I believe would raise the price of gasoline by more than a dollar a gallon, and referred to our current bipartisan government as extremists. These are positions espoused by uncompromising hard-left liberals. If anyone in this race is an extremist, it is Sidhu.

Joe St.Hilaire