Letters to the Editor

Says Sidhu statements were misleading

During the Oct. 1 tea party forum, candidate Satpal Sidhu made a number of what I believe were misleading and offensive claims that are likely to be heard again. One of what I think was the most derogatory occurred during his closing remarks, when he looked at his opponent, Luanne VanWerven, then at the audience, and said, “I am the only candidate before you who has ever created a job.”

Really? I believe Van Werven worked tirelessly with her husband to manage and grow Ferndale Ready Mix, their family business that has created hundreds of family-wage jobs and contributed greatly to our Whatcom County prosperity. Not only do I think that Sidhu’s claim was false, it was an insult to Van Werven and every other woman who has managed a business while also raising a family. No candidate should be able to get away with this type of misrepresentation, and I hope the numbers on Election Day will confirm this.

Joan Browning