Letters to the Editor

Backs Fleetwood for his experience, ideals

It has been said by the Doug Ericksen affiliates or campaign that Seth Fleetwood (for state Senate) is not even from the 42nd District. What they fail to tell you is that they redrew the lines of the 42nd District leaving Fleetwood (a man who lived in the 42nd all of his life), residing in the 40th district (I think that’s pretty shady). Ericksen has changed his address to rectify this situation that was manifested by unscrupulous practices, Fleetwood moves forward.

Did Erickson know this? Yes he did, in fact it is my understanding that they grew up in the same neighborhood going to the same schools.

Fleetwood. Bellingham city council member for eight years, Fisherman, chaired Bellingham Greenways, lawyer and small business owner, born and raised in Whatcom County is here to help create jobs, get government out of private lives, advocate for equal pay for equal work and work for better schools while saying no to state income tax.

I believe Erickson is obviously here to tell more lies continuing to do nothing for his working-class constituents. I as a voter, am tired of leaders who insult my intelligence assuming I will believe anything. I am tired of the corporate sellouts. I want representation for me and my family, I want Seth Fleetwood for state Senate!

Bart B. Boeckholt