Letters to the Editor

Thinks train noise, not coal, is the real issue

I believe those who oppose the Gateway Pacific Terminal will stop at nothing, including false statements and insinuations that BNSF Railway is currently polluting the Bellingham Bay. I’ve spent the past seven summers floating on my boat in Teddy Bear Cove, fishing and crabbing, and have never witnessed anything other than dedicated workers improving the rail lines that carry passengers and consumer goods across our country.

The NIMBYs seem to have a problem with the fact they built their neighborhoods around transportation corridors that directly affect the economy of the U.S. and are looking for any reason to destroy the commerce. Before shouting “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” do some research on BNSF’s positive contribution to the construction and growth of saltwater reefs. Thousands of healthy growing reefs have been created through the dumping of old pilings and railroad equipment into the ocean.

Instead of “no coal trains” signs, why not just post “no trains” signs? I believe that is really the issue here. I believe that if today’s enviro-elitists were in control of the laws when this community was founded, Whatcom County wouldn’t exist today.

Denise Knight