Letters to the Editor

Thinks Lummis are not serious about environment

In light of the recent press concerning how concerned the Lummi Nation is with the environment, I would like to shed a new light on the subject.

I live out at Gooseberry Point. The beach I live next to is littered with monofilament net from beach seine and gill-netting boats. It is next to the dock used by the Lummi Nation to offload crab and salmon catches. So far, I have removed three nets this fall from the beach. They were left to tangle with dead crab and any living thing that chooses to try to get to the crab (birds, dogs, sea life). Now there is a boat that was abandoned. The identification numbers rubbed off. I have contacted the tribe, Coast Guard, and Shorelines about this. The boat remains. It is very sad. But I believe what is even worse is that this happens almost every year.

How can the Lummi Nation be so opposed to environmental concerns that are in the news and not be concerned about what is right in front of their face?

It would be much easier to respect people who live up to what they talk about.

Kim Gardner