Letters to the Editor

Sees loss of confidence in the president

I believe the Obama administration dissolved into hysteria and confusion in the face of the first Ebola contact on American soil. I believe it is amazing how the response was so confused and how the huge federal agencies charged with responding to such a crisis could have gotten things so wrong.

I believe that Barack Obama is a man more captive to rigid ideology than any previous occupant of the White House in living memory. His solution to managerial incompetence is to congratulate the bumblers for a job well done, because he will never admit that either he, or the big government that I believe he loves, is capable of serious error — while installing additional managers in a symbolic gesture to reassure the public he’s on this.

He misread the moment by appointing Ron Klain (formerly Al Gore’s chief of staff), as Ebola czar whose big previous “achievement” was redistributing the 2009 stimulus money to Obama’s campaign donors and supporters (one example was the Solyndra debacle).

As Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said: “the four stages of the Barack Obama school of crisis management are:

1. Don’t worry, I got this.

2. I’m so mad.

3. More money will fix it.

4. Republicans are “obstructing.”

Obama views his job as an entirely political position; he is the executive that never gets around to executing anything.

I believe that the the real contagion at the moment is the loss of confidence in the executive branch.

Wayne Farber