Letters to the Editor

Sees global approach to fighting disease

I believe the fear of Ebola has brought many non-science-based responses (‘Milford student back in school after Ebola ban’ by The Associated Press, The Bellingham Herald, Oct. 31).

Besides educating ourselves about Ebola, what else can citizens do? Speak up to our elected officials to ensure our public health systems are adequate. Also, to help developing countries stop epidemics like Ebola, we need to see that their health care systems are up to the task.

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, has been working with these countries to create sustainable plans to vaccinate all children, saving millions of lives in the process. New funding for Gavi will help this work continue. A $250 million American pledge for each of the next four years will inspire other donors to help Gavi reach its goal of $7.5 billion. By asking our representatives to support this pledge, we are ensuring our safety locally by treating disease globally.

Willie Dickerson