Letters to the Editor

Backing Ericksen for state Senate

There is no substitute for the truth when you are in the process of establishing an honest relationship

with people. If you want a lasting relationship, lying is a poor way to start.

You might start with just a little fib here and there, and wind up swallowing the bait thinking that these

lies are working so well, that you expand on them until they grow into whoppers. But truth eventually

prevails, and you will find out the hard way that you should not have told or authorized others to tell

those lies.

In the end, those lies will destroy not only those new relationships you have made, but also many of

your old ones. I believe that if you want a case study of this, you do not have to look further than the faltering

relationships of our president. Call them fibs or whoppers, but they are not what we need in Olympia. If

people only knew how much power we give our lawmakers, it is crucial that they be principled people

of integrity. I believe that Sen. Doug Ericksen is such a man.

Susan Blondell Kaplan