Letters to the Editor

Voting for Chris Johnson for Whatcom County charter review panel

Beyond a doubt, I think Chris Johnson is the most qualified person to run for a Whatcom County Charter Review position in years. As a local business leader with experience reading and understanding the wording of charters on a daily basis, a lifelong citizen of Bellingham and someone who attends most City Council and Port Commission meetings, I believe Johnson understands the complexities of the issues facing Whatcom County and Bellingham. In all he does, Johnson exemplifies honesty, fairness and thoughtfulness. Johnson will use those qualities to create the best possible balance between the needs of business, the needs of citizens, and the needs of Bellingham itself. We need Johnson, and Johnsonneeds your vote to help keep Bellingham and Whatcom County beautiful and healthy. Please cast your vote for Johnson for Whatcom County Charter Review this Nov. 4.

Theresa Smith