Letters to the Editor

Backs Fleetwood for stance on jobs and environment

So let me get this straight.

According to campaign ads I’ve seen and heard from 42nd District Senate candidates:

Seth Fleetwood is being bankrolled by a “California billionaire,” a philanthropist who is concerned about climate change and interested in creating a whole host of green energy jobs here in Washington state.

Doug Ericksen is bankrolled by the fossil fuel industry, a dying government-subsidized dinosaur which disrupts and pollutes our environment while outsourcing jobs overseas and keeping us in thrall to the Middle East.

Either way you cut it, it looks like our politicians may be bought and paid for by special-interest groups whose influence needs to be curtailed if not completely eliminated.

So here’s what I’m going to do: vote for Seth Fleetwood, who I believe represents a safe, eco-friendly and prosperous future for Whatcom County. And support Move to Amend, a grassroots effort to get money out of politics. Because I happen to believe jobs, breathing and honest elections are good things.

Not voting is no solution. It’s the equivalent of voting for corporate rule.

Voting Republican is even worse, I think. Unless you oppose good jobs, fair wages, and a clean environment; and support corporate rule.

You decide.

Matthew Thuney