Letters to the Editor

Backs Monjure, Sidhu, Fleetwood for environmental stance

I am supporting Joy Monjure to represent Whatcom County’s 42nd District in the Legislature. I believe government is stalled because of the partisanship, lobby interests, and big corporations controlling government. Monjure wants to end the gridlock and with her record as a mediator and negotiator I believe she has demonstrated that she is a team builder and works well with others. She served on the City Council in Everson and began a farm to table program helping farmers expand their business while providing healthy meals to children. She is committed to helping our farm community and to solving the problems of water quality and quantity in our county. She understands the importance of a good education and I believe she will work to improve the system realizing these young people are the future leaders and they need to be well-prepared. She cares deeply about maintaining the quality of life in our beautiful Whatcom County. She’s been recognized by RE Sources as an Environmental Hero and has the support of the Washington Conservation Voters. Monjure understands that if we don’t have clean air to breathe and water to drink, we won’t have a decent quality of life.

Because of my concern about climate change I will also be voting for Seth Fleetwood and Satpal Sidhu in the coming election because I believe these three candidates will do the best job of protecting our environment.

Sheri Lambert