Letters to the Editor

Says Congress is blocking sensible legislation

If you don’t think midterm elections are very important, think again. After all, the president’s power is quite limited. It’s Congress that largely determines the policies that shape our lives; the president can accept or reject the proposals of Congress. Many Americans have been totally dissatisfied with the way what I believe is our tea party-controlled Congress has been blocking every effort to pass legislation that would benefit the American people. We can change this situation. It’s called voting.

Do you value affordable health care, good schools, dependable infrastructure? Do you want a healthy, safe environment? Do you favor development of green energy to combat climate change and conserve resources? Do you feel that large corporations should stop outsourcing, hire more Americans, and pay their fair share of taxes? Would you want responsible gun regulation?

If you value all of those things above, pay attention to the politicians who also favor those values (I believe they’re mostly Democrats). And please, vote.

Barry Ulman