Letters to the Editor

Criticizes Ericksen over equal pay for women

I was frustrated to hear state Sen. Doug Ericksen dismiss the importance of women getting equal pay for equal work. In an interview transcribed on The Bellingham Herald website he discussed the claim that he had never supported legislation supporting fair pay. I believe his comments suggested that he had never really thought about the issue before and that he considered it a distraction. As a seasoned politician, he quickly pivoted to another topic.

It’s disappointing to see someone who has been representing our community for 16 years express that women’s concerns aren’t serious. I believe that even in 2014, women in Washington make an average of $11,467 per year less than men who do the same full-time job. There may not be a silver bullet for sexual discrimination in the workplace, but an elected official who has been around since 1998 should be able to point to how they’ve addressed the problem. He won’t get my vote.

Laura Rogers