Letters to the Editor

Supports Van Werven for lower state taxes

Two weeks ago, I read a letter to the editor from Republican 42nd District state representative candidate Luanne Van Werven in which she stated her firm opposition against tax increases. She also pointed out that the Democratic Party platform calls for a new state income tax among a long list of new proposed taxes. Her opponent Satpal Sidhu then countered with his own letter saying that the Democratic platform calls for making new taxes while eliminating some others.

Really? Mr. Sidhu, I think you need a history lesson. When was the last time Olympia has ever eliminated a tax? I think the answer is never. I believe you are naive to think that imposing a long list of new taxes on hard-working people will be offset by reductions elsewhere. It seems the Democrats in Olympia are always hungry for the bacon and they will say anything to tax us more. Mr. Sidhu, considering what I believe is your wishful thinking, I take you are just another tax and spend liberal. I work hard for my money, I pay an arm and a leg in taxes, and do not want to be taxed more. Though, I must thank you for your letter, it made my choice for state representative clear. Luanne Van Werven, you have my vote.

Elinor King