Letters to the Editor

Thinks Fleetwood will end Olympia gridlock

In a few weeks we can vote to end gridlock in Olympia. We are suffering here in Whatcom County and across the state because of obstructionists who see only one way forward. They stifle good legislation and still refuse funding of critical road improvements that were failing when Gary Locke was governor. After 16 years in Olympia, I believe our state senator has only recently brought home basic legislation intended to speed the cleanup of Bellingham Bay. Why did it take him so long to bring focus to a cleanup plan developed 14 years ago? Even now it doesn’t add any funding to the cleanup; it’s just another political shell-game shuffling money around while increasing bureaucratic oversight. Is this the best we can do?

I am tired of the same people being re-elected over and over claiming they can fix what’s wrong, yet they never do. It’s gotten so bad in Olympia that our courts have threatened to jail our representatives for failing to fund public schools! We can’t go on this way. For five years I have watched first-hand how gridlock hurts all of us. It’s time for more effective representation in Olympia. This year we have a great candidate with a strong history of working issues from every side, he doesn’t see problems as “us vs. them,” or push one-size-fits-all answers. I’m voting to end gridlock in Olympia this year and I hope you will too. I’m voting for Seth Fleetwood.

Mike McAuley