Letters to the Editor

Criticizes DelBene’s high-income status

U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene wrote in The Bellingham Herald to let us know all she has done for us and that she’s fighting hard on our behalf for things like a raise to the minimum wage. She complains that she’s unable to do many things she would like to because of the leaders in Congress. Really, congresswoman? And this comes from the 10th richest member of the House. I believe that in 2014 she reported a net worth of $37.89 million, that’s up $14 million from last year. Imagine how much she can make for herself if we re-elect her for two more years, and if she works with the leaders she might even get us $4 to $5 more dollars in the minimum wage. On the other hand, maybe it’s time to elect a representative who is one of us; a representative who is able to work with others to get things done for the country, not just for their own personal gain.

Robert B. O’Donnell