Letters to the Editor

Concerned about costs of irrigation districts

Several weeks ago I learned that a group of interested parties had applied to the County Council seeking to form several irrigation districts in Whatcom County. I went to a meeting and learned who those parties were. There was a two-page handout that gave names. They had a speaker who didn’t have many answers. I believe they would like you to vote yes on this issue so they can render an assessment on your property, the amount to be determined later after this bill is passed. Sound familiar? They will have a board of directors to make up the rules as required. I believe the board of directors will also be interested parties.

There was no irrigation discussed. There will be no pipeline and no water that you don’t already have. Only the assessment to finance what I believe are grandiose hydraulic improvements as they see fit at your expense.

I believe if you only have a few acres or are not a major player you will get no benefits whatsoever, only an assessment that can be detrimental to property values and the ability to manage your own water. They can force you to pay or put a lien on your property.

I believe they have a clever way of getting the votes. If you have five acres or more you get two votes for each five acres. If you have 50 acres you get 20 votes. Guess who’s got the acreage?

Consider this carefully and please vote no! Save your money for your personal needs.

Rupert DeFries