Letters to the Editor

Supports Sidhu for 42nd District seat

Few individuals have the ability to cut across political, social and religious barriers and communicate effectively with people of all backgrounds and beliefs. I believe Satpal Sidhu, who is a candidate for 42nd District State Representative, is one of those rare individuals. He is a well known and accomplished community figure, with a valuable range of experience including as an entrepreneur, a professional engineer, an educator (including as a dean at Bellingham Technical College), and in agriculture. However, Mr. Sidhu is perhaps most impressive during the frequent times that he selflessly takes time out of his busy schedule to help individual people solve problems. I believe he is genuinely concerned and caring, and knows how to accomplish goals which better peoples’ lives. One example is the successful program established at Bellingham Technical College under Mr. Sidhu’s direction, to provide training in the specific skill sets required to qualify students for available high-paying job in Whatcom County industries. As a result, hundreds of BTC graduates are employed in those jobs today. Nearly everyone who meets Satpal Sidhu recognizes that he is a very intelligent, genuinely compassionate, and creative man. I believe his background gives him the ability to work well in the Washington House of Representatives, to forge compromises, and to benefit all of us by his efforts in the Legislature.

Russell Pritchett