Letters to the Editor

Questions Erickson’s education, transit funding

Sen. Ericksen claims to be a job creator. When will Ericksen actually list all the jobs that he has created over the past four years?

Ericksen seldom mentions why he failed to pass a state transportation budget. Just look at our crumbling bridges, rough highways and roads to see how important this budget is to our safety and economic prosperity. The transportation budget is made up of local shovel-ready jobs. His standard excuse for inaction is to blame the House Democrats.

Ericksen had an opportunity to vote on the state capital budget but instead blocked it from coming up for a vote on the Senate floor. I believe this cost us more local jobs. Capital budgets fund construction projects – mainly building schools and government buildings. There will be another year of construction delays. Another year without paychecks for our blue collar workers.

Ericksen brags about the increases to education funding but the Senate has been found to be in contempt by the Washington state Supreme Court. Repairing our educational system will require real leadership not empty rhetoric and half-measures. When will Ericksen replace the elementary school jobs in art, music, physical education that were cut? When will school districts be able to rehire librarians, school nurses and counselors that were cut four years ago? Will he support class size reductions?

Thomas Gilmore