Letters to the Editor

Voting to ensure no tax increases

Not long ago, I read a letter to the editor from 42nd District State Representative Candidate Luanne VanWerven — who emphatically opposes tax increases — reminding us that the Democrat party platform calls for a new state income tax (didn’t voters turn down an income tax initiative?) and a long list of other new taxes (see their website).

Satpal Sidhu, her opponent, countered with a letter saying that the Democrat platform calls for creating new taxes but eliminating others. Eliminating a tax? Mr. Sidhu, tell us, when has Olympia ever eliminated a tax? C’mon, just one example?

I believe Mr. Sidhu has shown himself to be yet another tax-and-spend politician who wants more money for government, less money for us. I believe the more money government takes, the less we have in our pockets to spend, and invest in our businesses. The less we have, the fewer jobs we can support and create. The fewer jobs, the more competition for those jobs, hence more poverty and income stagnation. How does this help the hard-working middle class, much less the poor?

But thanks, Mr. Sidhu, for your letter. It made my choice for State Representative easy. Luanne Van Verwen will get my vote.

Binnie Perper