Letters to the Editor

Says industry will fund environmental clean up

Our governor and San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer’s Climate Action PAC have it all wrong! I believe more carbon emissions in this state, not less, is the way to go. Trees here to the Gallatin National Forest plus public-sector budgets here to D.C. will love it. Bellingham Bay bulk toxic clean-ups can happen, finally, as well!

To get money coming, “clean coal” via a Gateway Pacific Terminal reducing both national debt and China’s acidification of the Pacific would “be a good clean start.” Second, corporate tax reductions to re-invert 50-plus corporations and 100-plus factories, many to the pure-air, carbon-absorbing Northwest. Thirdly, extra pay to STEM teachers as a first step in “fixing” our education system.

Also, more county and state cops, many pollution testing out of their trunks on routine patrols and in the process obtruding the myriads of laws being imposed on property owners (45,000 nationwide in 2013 alone) by enviro-statist, pension-pretending bureaucrats. Less laws and stiff fines, in other words, with wild salmon, bottom feeders, and property rights actually coming back!

Bottom line: “simplify, compete and protect,” research and development, re-inversions, energy independence, and subsidy/public-sector cutbacks getting top billings nationally. Locally, tin factories filling containers back to Asia, “bulkers” out of Gateway Pacific, oil trains and tankers to and from Cherry Point and fish cops will do a whole more for the Northwest environment than carbon-hooded profligates like our governor and Tom Steyer.

Terry Montonye