Letters to the Editor

Wants legislation to prepare for rail safety

I read The Bellingham Herald article, “Inslee: more is necessary to prevent oil train explosions” published Oct. 2, 2014. The article describes Gov. Inslee’s concern that local emergency responders, particularly in small communities along rail lines, are not adequately prepared to respond to accidents. I wholeheartedly agree with the governor.

However, I notice his concerns are shared in October, a good seven months after the 2014 legislative session ended. His concern is only expressed now, after Senate Democrats stopped Sen. Ericksen’s legislation, which would have provided $10 million for the local emergency responders to purchase new equipment. Luckily for the governor, a major oil train explosion didn’t happen, while he is seemingly playing politics with our lives.

Gov. Inslee, the time for dramatics has ended. It is time to accept bipartisan legislation that will allow our local emergency responders to be adequately prepared in order to protect our lives.

Lisa Sherry