Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with conservative politics

There have been several recent letters by conservative candidates and their supporters urging voters to support them in the November election. As always, they tout less government and lower taxes as the cure for the country’s problems. Consider what have those policies previously accomplished? I believe the housing crash and recession of 2008 resulted from relaxing banking laws and rules in the 1990s; remember Newt Gingrich? Insufficient education funding has directly resulted to few qualified workers for the highly skilled jobs industry currently requires. Obamacare is reducing costs for both patients and providers and yet conservatives want to repeal the law and raise your health care costs. Among developed countries the U.S. stands alone in not providing universal health care. I believe only in the U.S. can you lose your life savings because you become seriously ill while insurance companies manipulate the costs of your needed health care. To me, these are just two of many similar examples. I believe a vote for conservatives is a vote for regressive economic policies and the decline of the U.S. What direction do you want the country to go?

Michael J. Tomlinson