Letters to the Editor

Says I-594 won’t keep guns from criminals

Initiative 594 is coming up for a vote. Let’s look at what I believe I-594 does.

If passed, a 93-year-old grandfather would become a criminal if he loans his old .22 rifle to his police officer son to take to the shooting range for the afternoon. That’s one reason the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs oppose I-594. I creates a huge unfunded mandate on law enforcement agencies by creating new paperwork, fees, waiting periods, taxes and more regulations to enforce. In other words, it penalizes law abiding citizens.

Secondly, passing I-594 would not stop criminals from continuing illegal activity since they violate and ignore the law anyway. And the claim that I-594 will make us safer by providing “universal background checks” is a myth. Statistics show most criminals don’t obtain firearms through legitimate means anyway thereby avoiding currently required background checks. In other words, I-594 won’t have any negative affect on the bad guys.

The fact is, you can’t change criminal behavior by criminalizing lawful behavior. Go to voteno594.com/myth-vs-facts for additional information.

Gordon Bennett