Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with coal trains in Northwest

The long agonizing horn that is a constant annoyance to any downtown, Fairhaven, or on-campus living student here in Bellingham has hindered the sleep of many hard-working residents. Most do not understand the significance of this train. Well, people of Bellingham, this is a coal train. Here to connect the lines of coal to Asian markets. I believe that in our lovely city we are going to experience an increase in pollution to our air, our waterfront and our land. The marine life will be in harm’s way by allowing the coal to roll through our ports. We will suffer through sleepless nights, a decrease in property value, and lose the appeal of visiting and living in such a beautiful community in the Pacific Northwest. These effects will also force the local business to become just another casualty of coal. We need to take a stand against the coal train. I believe there is too much damage the community will have to endure in the upcoming years. Our port and our waterfront should not be the one to wither under this corporate company’s train tracks.

Sahar Heidari