Letters to the Editor

Concerns about all kinds of bad driving

While I believe the effort that is being made of investing more money to have extra DUI patrols is a positive thing, in our community there are many other traffic law violators besides just drunken drivers. With the growing population of Bellingham, and with all of its visitors from Canada on a daily basis, it is apparent that our traffic law system has not been able to keep up. All that it takes is to stand on the corner of Guide Meridian and Smith Road to watch numerous cars every minute speeding or making “California stops” at the traffic light and stopping way in front of the stop line. Although your article, “Bellingham gets grant for extra DUI patrols,” first one is Oct. 3, doesn’t list the amount of money the grant that was given was of, I still believe it should have been shared to target other traffic violators. Bad drivers put us all in great risk every day. I am all in favor for what The Bellingha m Herald article explains as, “Officers will focus on city and county streets with the highest number of injury and fatal crashes.” It should be a very good and solid start to cleaning up our community from irresponsible drivers. Being able to have a driver’s license is a privilege that involves a lot of responsibility, and not all people are cut out for it.

Armando J. Cervantes