Letters to the Editor

Backs Fleetwood for State Senator

I believe Seth Fleetwood is the perfect person to be our next State Senator in Olympia. Born and raised in Whatcom County, I believe Seth served with distinction for eight years on the Whatcom County Council plus four years on the Bellingham City Council. He understands our issues and concerns and knows how to get things done in the legislature.

Here are some examples of what I believe to be Seth’s priorities to maintain and improve our quality of life: Pass a strong transportation infrastructure package to repair and rebuild our highways, roads, and bridges to reduce congestion, improve the economy, and create good jobs; provide permanent funding for our K-12 education system, and ensure that all Washingtonians can afford to go to college; ensure that we have abundant clean water for our farms, homes, and businesses as well as the natural environment.

Please vote for Seth Fleetwood so that our state legislature can get to work solving the problems that are important to Whatcom residents, businesses, and farmers.

Eric Hirst