Letters to the Editor

Concerned about fate of the world

I believe our current government is as dysfunctional as two siblings that can’t stop fighting. The world we know is dissolving before our eyes and we are too distracted to have a balanced response. There are beheadings, civilian planes shot down, Ebola, and some national borders losing meaning. The focal point is in the Mideast. Certainly ISIS is trying to sucker us into retaliating in ways that will include a large civilian toll. They can exploit this with their considerable media skills as tools for recruitment.

I believe the Western world illogically created nations with boundaries that ignored the long standing tribal boundaries of the Sunni and Shia denominations of Islam. Those countries are now roughly dissolving back into the tribal areas. President Bush kicked a hornet’s nest when he invaded Iraq. But the Western economies had already created that nest. And the disparity between rich and poor continues to grow along with corporate profits.

We are exhausted by never-ending foreign wars without resolution. We don’t know whether to focus on our own growing problems or those overseas. Investing in alternative energy strategies is the best way to help the planet and not have us beholding to autocratic regimes in the Mideast. Are we stupid enough to let corporate goals divide and conquer us or smart enough to think seven generations ahead?

Harvey Schwartz