Letters to the Editor

Says world waiting for U.S. cash for Ebola

The Ebola virus scares all of us. We are of course throwing millions of our taxpayer dollars at this now mostly African problem. I have heard that when a young African girl took her four family members to a hospital after they contracted Ebola, she was turned away due to overcrowding.

But instead of applying for government aid, or going on TV, or waiting for FEMA to save her family, she went to a store. She bought garbage bags, a plastic coat, rubber boots, and latex gloves. Then she fashioned coverage for her pants, a garbage sack for her head, and proceeded to care for her stricken family members. Three survived; one died – much better odds than villages with no medical facility, equipment, or staff. In short, she solved the problem to the extent she could without the state.

My, what a concept! While she is being heralded a hero, we must ask why the World Health Organization hadn’t figured this out by themselves. Oh yes, I forgot. They have to wait for Obama to give them millions from his “stash” before solving the care for these victims.

Mark Nelson