Letters to the Editor

Worried about campaign funds from out of area

Are the voters in Whatcom County either very smart, or are they, well, ignorant? If the former, they obviously have no qualms with out-of-state money buying votes. Getting their candidates elected at all costs, seemingly, does not trouble their consciences.

Voters believe that when casting their votes they will have a say in who gets elected. But when hundreds of thousands of dollars are thrown into the mix with the goal of outspending and diminishing certain candidates’ chances for an up-and-down vote are not at all certain.

An unpleasant odor is attached to carpetbaggers, who, by whatever means, influence the outcome of our elections. Is this what the people in Whatcom County want to see happen again?

Again? Yes it happened before. In 2012, the outcome of city and county elections were most likely determined by considerable amounts of out-of-state money. Money carefully packaged and delivered in the form of political action committee financial contributions.

This time, let us make very sure, we do not have California’s or any other state’s money and wealth decide and influence the outcome of Whatcom County’s upcoming election.

Sharon Helm