Letters to the Editor

Says organization flag could cause problem

While I fully support an individual’s freedom of speech, I have concerns over a city government building expressing opinions on behalf of its citizens. More specifically, the rainbow flags flying at Bellingham government buildings. I fully support marriage equality and have no qualms saying as much. My main concern is that Bellingham is opening itself up into other groups demanding equal standing on the flagpole. As a government agency, a bias should not exist, a preference on either side of a controversial issue is not for the City of Bellingham to express. Bellingham prides itsself on being a city of diversity and eclectic ideas. Does flying a flag of only one side of the argument properly represent our differences? When an organization demands the right to fly their flag at the government building, will our city be forced to say yes despite the unpleasant nature of the organization? I simply hope for our beautiful Bellingham to represent all its residents and protect its sterling reputation.

Jessica Magee

Maple Falls